Photoshop Alternatives

The truth is that Adobe Photoshop can be inaccessible for many users. Adobe’s expensive tiers and desktop requirements can render it impossible to navigate for some users. Below I’ve included the two best alternatives that I have found helpful when Adobe Photoshop wasn’t.

  • — Photopea is a great free online desktop resource for those who have trouble installing Photoshop. It offers very similar features to Adobe Photoshop and runs in your browser (runs great on Chromebooks too).
  • Photoshop Express — Photoshop Express is Adobe’s application only available on mobile devices. Although in some aspects it can be limiting with lasso (cutout) tools, it offers many benefits in applying hue/level adjustments and filters (you can also make layers!). Once mastering it’s mobile User Interface, it’s easy to forget that you are using Photoshop on a free mobile application.

Hope you have a great holidays and if I don’t catch you again in 2021, Happy New Year!

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